Consulting Services

Developing regions

Territories and regions thrive on uniqueness – provided they become aware of it. We enable local and regional development agents in turning innovative ideas into projects and to induce change. Excellent networking is a key to success – at local, regional or trans-national level, from the micro-region to the European Union.

Shaping processes

Working together can make a difference: We design and accompany change processes within and between organisations. Drawing from our long-standing experience, we serve our clients’ purpose – from contracting to accomplishment.

Providing methods

New trajectories, new horizons: We never get tired of improving our concepts and tools in consulting, coaching, networking and communication. We act as boundary spanners fostering know-how transfer and exchange between theoretical research, management practice and consultancy.

Fostering sustainability

Co-creating our common future: we offer participatory and future-oriented solutions for balancing social, economic and environmental concerns.

Crossing borders

Recognizing cultural differences, and bridging them in a spirit of respect: we support public administrations, non-governmental organisations and private enterprises in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the EU, Southern and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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